Saturday, September 22, 2012

Wargame Project Design Postulates

  • We wanted to create a game that would depict the complexity of real warfare. The game we wanted to play ourselves.
  • We wanted to create a game that would allow competition of strategists, not competition of build orders, upgrades or reflexes.
  • We wanted to create a world that would evolve beyond boundaries of our imagination, a world that would allow for endless possibilities for strategic mind.
  • We wanted to create a system very complex in details, for the sake of realism, not for the sake of complexity of gameplay. We always dreamed of a game where better strategist with less game knowledge could still defeat a game expert, which is a lesser strategist.
We never formulated these thoughts on the paper...  And when I think of them now, I understand how ambitions our plans were, how humble were our attempts... Still, after all these years, we have come very far, to the point of no return...

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Turn-Based Strategy Gaming Is Dead

Remarkable Warlords by Steve Fawkner
Sadly, but true. Best days of turn-based strategy games are gone forever. Abandoned and vastly neglected by industry giants TBS games I used to love in the past are never to be made again.

Old TBS games had depth - quality, nowadays, not known to modern games, most of which have only width. They boast about fancy 3D graphics, multitude of units and upgrades, plethora of scenarios. Indeed, their quantitative proportions are very impressive, but strategy is not about data size or hours of content. Strategy is all about algorithms that can be applied to this data.

The ultimate goal of Wargame Project is to bring life back to forgotten genre. It sounds very ambitious and probably is never going to be achieved. But there was always a backup plan: to have fun. And that undertaking is not going to fail.

Friday, February 10, 2012

As It Began. Cowboy.

It all began long time ago in a distant galaxy called 'childhood'...

It was my first day in that new nursery school. On that day I felt lonely and unappreciated for I had no friends yet and desperately wanted to go home.

My peers fiddled around toy cars, and I watched over them with a mixed sence of sadness and pity. Cars never interested me, I always enjoyed playing with toy soldiers. Hanging around in a large playing room without slightest hope for compassion I finally found Him.

Simple plastic miniature of a cowboy. He was lying there in the dust, waiting for me to rescue him from oblivion...