Saturday, September 22, 2012

Wargame Project Design Postulates

  • We wanted to create a game that would depict the complexity of real warfare. The game we wanted to play ourselves.
  • We wanted to create a game that would allow competition of strategists, not competition of build orders, upgrades or reflexes.
  • We wanted to create a world that would evolve beyond boundaries of our imagination, a world that would allow for endless possibilities for strategic mind.
  • We wanted to create a system very complex in details, for the sake of realism, not for the sake of complexity of gameplay. We always dreamed of a game where better strategist with less game knowledge could still defeat a game expert, which is a lesser strategist.
We never formulated these thoughts on the paper...  And when I think of them now, I understand how ambitions our plans were, how humble were our attempts... Still, after all these years, we have come very far, to the point of no return...